Aucoth, Emperor

Emperor of Aucothia


The Emperor may be found within the Imperial Palace, lying at the heart of the Metropole.

The Emperor rules through Edicts promulgated by the Star Council. Imperial Edicts carry absolute authority, in contrast to the regular decrees of the Star Council, which are debated in session and subject to rescripts from the Constellation Bureau. The most recent Edict was the Evocation Against the Wayward Church of Avandra, announced in the summer before the start of the campaign.


Aucoth, son of Aucoth, son of Aucoth, descendant of the first Aucoth, is the current Emperor of Aucothia. All Emperors of Aucothia are named Aucoth, and all are the patrilineal descendants of the first Emperor. If he doesn’t have a son named Aucoth, he will in the future. The Emperor is never seen in public, but his directives are enforced by the powerful Star Council. Births, deaths, and the succession of the Emperors are never announced, so it is not publicly known how many Emperors Aucoth have reigned since the beginning of the dynasty.

Although mortal, the first Aucoth was the son of Erathis, and tutored by Kord.

Aucoth, Emperor

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